Making an Essay: The Proper Length

For most students, school is already difficult. Multiple subjects with various requirements may already burden a student with so much to do. What can make things doubly hard is when a teacher’s requirements are quite vague, which happens a lot in high school or college.

The essay is a favorite assignment that teachers may use for homework, major projects, or exams. However, if it is not your favorite task, you can purchase essays online anytime you need help and avoid struggles. The problem here is that the teacher leaves it up to the student to decide just how much is enough. If you have experienced such a situation or if you are anticipating that your next professor will put you in such a position, then read on to learn about the proper length for your essay.

General Assignments

A weekly occurrence is to have at least one essay assignment. If it is a reflection or reaction paper, then a safe essay answer will be anywhere from 250 to 400 words. This means your essay follows the usual format (Intro, Body, Conclusion) where the body needs two or three reasons for why you liked or disliked the topic.

Assignments where Research is Involved

When some research is required for your essay, it is a clear sign that much is expected from you. If the teacher does not give a minimum word count, then expect a safe answer to be between 1000 and 2500 words. Such assignments often require you to have at least three sources to look at, unless it is an in-depth book report where one source is more than enough.

However, if you are tackling a thesis or a major term paper, expect 3000 words to be the minimum.

Essays as a part of your subject’s exams

Essays are also a popular question type in midterm or final exams. Professors often assign a certain number of lines for each question where a quarter of a page is around 50 to 100 words, half a page is 150 to 200 words, with a full-page meaning you may need 250 to 400 words.

The subject matter also plays a part here. Science subjects may just expect answers of around 150 words or less to explain whatever theory, chemical reaction, or result is needed to get a good score. But subjects such as History, Literature, or Psychology may need at least 300 words per question for a decent result.

Essays for entrance to school

One more essay a student should expect is the admission essay for college or graduate school. Such essays are supposed to present who you are, what you offer, and how you may fit in so that the school of your choice will take you in.

A college admission essay may require around 250 to 600 words. But for graduate school, many expect you to tell your story within 400 to 500 words only, as they expect you are professional and mature enough to succinctly explain who you are.


As a necessary part of school life, essay writing is something that every student will encounter. Consider the above information about the expected essay lengths so that you have an idea of what to create.

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