Great Topics to Select for Your Informative Essay

A common assignment in high school and sometimes in college is the informative essay. The main purpose, as one may determine from the name, is to inform the reader about a particular topic. The assumption is that the reader is not an expert in the field, so the subject matter must be discussed gradually.

Quick Tips for Selecting

When assigning an informative essay, most teachers give students the freedom to choose something of interest. Here are two things to consider when choosing a topic.

  1. Pick something relevant

Most teachers appreciate something relevant to society. Aside from your teacher gaining knowledge about something important, your teacher is probably happy that you have learned something valuable too.

  1. Don’t choose a very broad topic

Very broad topics are difficult to discuss since there are so many elements involved. You may initially have a broad topic in mind, such as love or world peace, but that has to be narrowed down to something you can focus on like online dating or anti-bullying measures.

Possible Topics for Your Essay

Thinking about writing this type of custom college paper can be tough. The following are some topics you may choose if an informative essay is assigned to you.


  • Online games – Many people wonder about the draw of online games. This might be a good way to share what kids and even adults find fascinating about this.
  • Indie films – In many countries, independent directors have found more artistic success compared to those attached to big movie companies.
  • Mixed martial arts – There was a time when MMA was considered too brutal for television, but now, people of all ages like it.


  • Desire to travel – Something on many people’s wish list is to travel to a new destination every year. How and why do more people today want to travel than before?
  • Plastic surgery – Many people regularly have a body part enhanced or changed. How do people feel about it? Do some cultures approve it more than others?
  • Speed dating – Some individuals opt to try this way of getting together. Is it just for fun? Or do people think they can really find true love?
  • Pre-marital sex – The cases of premarital sex keep on rising every year. Many couples search for sexual compatibility before tying the knot. Why is it the new norm?


  • Racism – Despite amendments to the law, racism still exists worldwide. What are the common reasons behind it? Can it be stopped? What else can societies do?
  • Secularism – Many societies want to minimize the influence of religion to promote “equality.” Are there more positives than negatives? Or are societies morally corrupt because of this separation?
  • Single parents – Lots of singles raise a child alone. If it is a choice, what advantages do they have? If it is not a choice, how are their kids affected?


Informative essays are a great way to practice your essay writing skills while focusing on a topic that you are interested in. If given that choice, choose wisely so that you and your teacher enjoy the process.

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