Guide to Writing a Good College Essay

If you’re feeling passionate about something and you would like to share it, one of the best ways to write an essay is to write an essay. An article is a term used in writing to assert an author’s opinion on a specific topic. There are several approaches to writing an essay and several other issues that one can choose from, but a framework must be followed when you want to have a good piece.

The three main things you need to consider before writing the essay are the type, audience, and thesis. The most important one on the list is the thesis. It is the central or the most critical point that you will make within the body of your essay. You need to pinpoint the theory before you start writing. Follow this guide to writing an essay.

Types of essays

There are several types of essays. We are going to discuss the most basic ones to start with:

  • Argumentative essay

These types of essays aim to defend or assert a position. It is the most known type of any school paper and is therefore keep it in mind whenever you’re writing the first essay in your college.

  • Admissions essay

Most institutions do request admissions essays when students are applying for the institution, and they mostly require one to talk about their interest in that particular school or institution.

  • Persuasive essay

Just like it sounds, it is an essay that convinces or persuades the audience of a particular point. It is pretty similar to the argumentative essay because they favor a point of view, but the main difference comes in the conclusion or end goal of the paper. Argumentative essays mainly present their cases, whereas persuasive writing aims to give their points and persuade or win over the audience.

  • Compare and contrast essay.

Suppose you would like to give equal attention to some two things that are quite the opposite. In that case, you can go in the direction of a compare and contrast essay because it will work much better than a persuasive or argumentative essay since those tend to lean on a particular side over the other.

  • Personal essay

A personal essay is awful real-life or anecdotal stories of quality paper writers. They usually follow a narrative structure, and you can have your thesis be interpretive or flexible.

  • Expository essay

This essay aims to explain a given topic to expand the knowledge of a typical reader or audience. It is similar to persuasive or argumentative writing, mainly in the format. There is a crucial difference because expository essays have no bias.

  • Writing an essay for an audience

The final consideration you should make when writing an essay is knowing who will read your texts, whether your teacher, friends, the internet, or the admission boards. The audience should always influence the language you use depending on the writing you have chosen. The readers will determine whether you are casual or formal, impacting your speech, style, or choice of words. The audience will also affect the tone of your essay.

The process of writing an essay

  1. Brainstorming

It will help you to get your thoughts together before starting writing. You need to generate several ideas that you will include in the paper.

  1. Preparation

This face consists of collecting your resources and outlining the essay. Check your brainstorming session results, isolate your Critical ideas in supporting the thesis, and organize them in a progressive and logical order. You then incorporate the structure of the essay. 

  1. Drafting

It is the main stage of writing the essay, and it involves you rolling up the sleeves and writing your first draft. You don’t have to be perfect because it is the first copy, and therefore you can give yourself some freedom to make errors.

  1. Revising

In the revision stage, we involve the second draft or even the third one. Ensure that your address all the problems that you went over in the first copy. Ensure that you pay attention to your choice of words, the clarity of the text, and the writing techniques.

  1. Proofreading

At this stage, you will polish your final copy. Ensure that you correct all the formatting issues, misspellings, or grammatical errors. You can also try Grammarly as a writing assistant to help you write some common mistakes in writing.

This was a simple essay writing guide that can help you a lot if you stick to the guidelines.