Welcome to the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum Paleontology Field Course for 2013.

"I can't believe you guys are letting us do this!"
"This is Great! We wanted something that was real and educational for the family." "Your program exceeded our expectations."
"We can't wait to tell our friends! They need to do this!"

A few of the statements we have heard from past paleontology field programs here at the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum. This is where you will be directly involved in the prospecting and the recovery of fossils. Paleontology, the study of ancient life through the collection and preservation of fossils.

Here in Glendive Montana we do this by collecting in the Hell Creek Formation, the last formation in the Mesozoic Era. Age of the reptiles! We also study fossils from the Pierre Shale. a marine formation where you will collect some ammonites along with other invertebrate marine animals for your personal collection. Do you like fossil plants? You get the opportunity to collect in the Fort Union Formation, a Paleocene formation after the Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur species that have been found in the Hell Creek Formation include;
Steroceras and Struthiomimus

Also from the Hell Creek Formation you could find turtles, fish scales (gar) champsosaur, alligator, and sometimes when lucky..plants.

From the Pierre Shale Formation the prize fossil is the ammonite. There are other invertebrates yet to be found.

The Fort Union collection site is Plants. But who knows what you can find.
A few of the past quests have found arrowheads both recent and paleo-indian.

Bring your best pair of hiking boots (sandals are not allowed in the field) for your journey into the distant past. You will also need sun screen, sun glasses, insect repellent, personal meds and sleeping gear, camera, work gloves, wide brim hat, back pack.
You can wear shorts but long pants are encouraged.

Lodging is on campus of the Dawson County Community College. These are large two bedroom with kitchen units. You may not want to leave.

Sundays of each week are set aside for arrival and getting settled. The ending Saturday of each week is for clean-up, packing and departure.

You need to be at least 16 years of age and in good physical condition. Don't fool yourself, this is a strenuous activity. There is a minimum 2 person occupancy per room so book early. The cost is $750 dollars per person. For more information please contact the Makoshika Dinosaur Museum of Glendive Montana. Where your adventure to the past begins.
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